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Cakes and Miracles - A Purim Tale
Illustrated by Erika Weihs
ISBN: 067083047X hardcover, Viking, 1991
ISBN: 0140548718 paperback, Puffin Books, 1993
Reading level: Ages 3 to 8

As Purim approaches, blind Hershel wishes he could help his mother prepare for the holiday. If only I could see, he thinks, I could help my mother. Really help her. Then one night in his dreams, Hershel has a vision of a winged angel descending a sparkling ladder. What the angel tells him and what Hershel sees in his dreams, leads to an exciting surprise for the whole village.


Cakes and Miracles

Barbara Diamond Goldin's joyful tale includes a recipe for hamantashen, the traditional Purim pastry. Erika Weih's rich, festive illustrations capture all the merriment of the holiday.
Barbara Diamond Goldin says, "Purim has always been a favorite holiday of mine and was one of the favorites in Eastern European villages. What a change Purim was from their everyday life-joy and feasting, and a general mischievous, anything-goes-for-a-day attitude. A Purim story was perfect for my character, Hershel, with his problems and his spunk."
Purim is used as a backdrop for a heartwarming story that is really about using one's special gifts." --Booklist
Winner of the Association of Jewish Libraries Sydney Taylor Book Award 1991
This book is out of print in paperback and hardcover. Available in libraries and from stores and websites that sell out of print books, such as www.bibliofind.com.


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