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Night Lights
A Sukkot Story
Illustrated by Laura Sucher
Published by URJ Books & Music, 2002
ISBN: 0807408034; Hardcover
Reading level: Ages 3 to 8

It's night. It's dark. And Daniel is frightened. He and his sister Naomi are all alone in the sukkah, the hut their family built for Sukkot, a Jewish harvest festival. There's nowhere in the hut to plug in a night light. Suddenly Daniel and Naomi hear a noise. Is it a wolf? A monster? Or worse?

Night Lights

Daniel wants to go inside the house, where it's safe. But then Naomi has an idea that comforts them both and helps them remember their ancestors in a very special way.
The URJ Press is very proud to re-release this classic story of Sukkot with all new full-color illustrations.


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